Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Arrival...sort of

December 22, 2010


Well, I´m here in the mission office of my mission...oh wait, no I´m not! I am in the mission office, but it´s the mission office of the Portugal Lisbon Mission! I can give you the details when I call on Christmas (and, hopefully, I will be in Cape Verde by that time), but the basics are these: Our flight was so delayed from Salt Lake to Paris that we missed our connection to Lisbon, waited in several lines for several hours and then eventually (after many, many difficult phone calls to President Neves) ended up in a little Parisian hotel for the night. Just kidding. It was this lame little Park Inn--pretty much an American place. But I got to stay the night in Paris!! And then we flew to Lisbon and actually met up with our whole district, which was/is awesome! And now we´re with them and we´re just going to have lunch and then get a flight (hopefully) tonight to Cabo Verde! Estamos animados!

OK. Well, I´ll tell you more about it when I talk to you on Saturday. But I´m safe and alive. And very sick of airplane food. Love you all!

-Sister Brooks

PS George Clooney is even famous in Europe. :)

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