Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dog’s Dinner

January 24, 2011

So this week has once again been very crazy! I now have three companions! Sort of. We've been having some training this week, learning some new techniques and changes to the way we teach. It should actually be easier for me, since I still don't really know how to teach, but it's a little overwhelming. But it's all right. For another week we'll be in a foursome, which in some ways is a little better. We split up every day and I've gotten to experience what it's like to teach the gospel two by two! So this week has been hard (training wasn't exactly loads of fun) but good.

Probably the best thing of the week was learning that Nene can be baptized! He's been taught all the lessons and hasn't been able to set a date because of difficulties with work and such, but thanks to a member his schedule at work is now such that he's going to be baptized, along with Maria his sister, on February 5th! Nene was the first member of their family to meet with the Sisters and since then his sister has been taught and will be baptized, and his cousin Mane has been baptized, received the Priesthood and just got a calling on Sunday! It's really exciting and was really special seeing the excitement Nene felt when he found out he could now be baptized! And hopefully now, when Silvani their little niece is 8, she'll be baptized too! I love seeing how the gospel blesses whole families.

I experienced my first blackout! And I now understand why it's called a BLACKout. Holy cow, it gets dark. We're not allowed to teach without lights, so we came home early and pulled out the candles and spent the night em casa.

My new experience of the week: This weird little beetle/bug dropped on my head while I was praying. Gross.

We had a really awesome Family Night in the home of a part-member/less-active family with some of our investigators and some other friends. It was really great. We were able to have a lesson and introduce some people to the church and how it helps families be more unified.

And we had some homemade pizza and cake. Win-win-win situations. I've sort of given up on the being careful what I eat. If it tastes good, I'll eat it. And thus my reputation as the American who eats everything continues.

Another new experience: As we were walking to Zelino's house, we saw a dog carrying his meal in his teeth: a little piglet. Too gruesome?

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