Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She's Not a Doll!

Hello Family!

I just thought I'd answer a question first: Dad asked if my received 30 escudos would buy me a cup of water and today, grocery shopping, we noticed that they sell--cups of water! It's literally a cup of water sealed on top. And it's only 25 escudos. Unfortunately, my 30 escudos are taped in my journal, so I didn't buy it. :)

Let's see...this week was excellent. Maisa and Andre were so excited and nervous all week long but the baptisms were amazing! They're so cute. Maisa's such a tiny little thing that Elder Brown had to help her up afterwards because she was just floating on top of the water. And Andre...oh man. I love that little guy so much. I found Elder Brown and Elder Liddle laughing their heads off afterwards and they called me over and told me that before walking into the font, Andre grabbed some water and crossed himself! (Like a Catholic.) Anyway, I realize this probably reflects upon our teaching, but I'm just going to chalk it up to his funny personality (I also saw him rub his head quite vigorously before being confirmed). I really think these two are going to be part of some of my favorite teaching memories of the whole mission. Maisa was a little worried that we wouldn't be passing by anymore after their baptism, but we assured them that we'd still have things to teach.

Anyway, because of their baptism this week, we spent quite a lot of time coming and going from Paula's house. Paula's amazing. She invited us four over for lunch and made pizza (cream sauce with tuna topping) and some other yummy things that I don't really know what to call. And every time we went over there, Maisa and Myra would just sit behind me and play with my hair. Every night this week I came home with either a ratted pony tail or Alfalfa spikes. White people hair is just so much fun! And Myra kept asking me why I don't wear it down which is the only reason it's down in the picture of the baptism.

Myra is so cute (she's Maisa's little sister). She sat by me during Sacrament meeting and, of course, was playing with my hair and Denilson comes in and sits by us and I waved to him and he just starts laughing and tells Myra, 'E ka buneka, nao!' She's not a doll! But Myra didn't seem to mind.

Another Maisa and Andre story: during one of our last lessons before Saturday, Maisa said the opening prayer and thanked God for 'her mom, her dear mom.' So I opened my eyes to peek at Paula who was just grinning and then Maisa gave her a big hug after the prayer. Aw! And of course during the closing prayer, Andre said thank you for his dear mother, but burst out laughing as he said it. Oh goodness. (Though his dear mother, who we are also teaching, looked very happy and a bit teary-eyed as Andre was being baptized.)

Isn't there a saying that has something to do with a cat on a tin roof? During a lesson this week we heard this violent noise and, suddenly, two cats slid down the tin roof and off the side! One of them managed to catch itself on the window sill on the way down, but Paula shooed (?) him away. For some reason I don't think that's something most missionaries get to experience.

Another good laugh we had this week was at the baptism when Sister Lords, Sister Laimana and I sang the special musical number. And...well...it was awful. Sister Lords has an amazing voice and so does Sister Laimana, but Sister Laimana and I didn't really know it and we were singing the Alto part. Well, I've been sick all week and my voice still cracks on every word (that's my excuse) but we just couldn't find the tune. So Sister Lords basically sung a solo and by the end of the last verse Sister Laimana and I were shaking with silent laughter. Oh. The things we do for our investigators.

Well, I'm about out of time and I can't think of any of the other awesome things we got to do this week as missionaries (besides walking across town with all our dirty laundry to use a washing machine in the other missionaries' apartment--still no water).

I love you all! Thanks for the birthday wishes. And, yes, I'm going to Segunda's for my birthday.

Sister Brooks

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