Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Sunny Day in Africa


So, I'm writing a little late because we haven't had electricity (during business hours) for two days! Ha-ha. Seriously, yesterday, right as we left to write (since we couldn't write on P-day) the power went out and it didn't come back until sometime into the night. So, I'm writing today.

This past week, we've been enjoying some blistering heat, accompanied by a whole lot of sweat. Sure you all wanted to know that. But, the nice thing is that when we're all nice and sweaty, the slightest breeze feels wonderful! Ha-ha. But the week was very good, especially since it ended with General Conference!! Which was awesome. We saw almost all of it (the power went out during the last session so we only saw about the last hour of it) and I loved it. I loved the focus on the scriptures, and I'm grateful that I now have a really good habit of scripture study. I also decided I'm more inspired than I think, because almost every scripture story in the Bible that was mentioned, I've studied in the past two transfers.

And I totally agree, "to hearken is better than the fat of rams.'

I love the Old Testament. I really do.

Hmm...but I also loved Elder Clayton's (?) talk about the growth of the Church. I felt a strong impression that I'm so lucky to have my very short period of time to be part of the Church's growth here in Cabo Verde. It was a really cool thing to be sitting, surrounded by Sisters and Elders as I listened to the Conference. Goodness! Missionaries are so awesome! I can't handle how lucky I am to be serving here in Praia.

Also, I loved the announcement of the second Provo Temple. I'll be honest, I was sitting there day dreaming about the day the Prophet announces a temple in Cabo Verde that it took a second for the news to set in, but I'm so excited.

Let's see, I won't bore you all with the rest of my thoughts about Conference, but I'm glad that the Brooks Home was so full of people for the weekend. I definitely do a better job paying attention here on the mission. (Even when the Elders start citing scriptures about women keeping silent in church when members of the Relief Society or Young Women's presidency speak. Ha-ha.)

Our best lessons this week were all with our investigator Sunhana! Did I tell you about him last week? Well, he's awesome. He's been loving (and actually reading) the Book of Mormon! After he read the story about Nephi killing Laban, he was so confused! (Which made me happy because it means he's actually studying and trying to understand.) I'm really waiting for the day that an investigator starts freaking out when we teach the lesson of the Restoration and the First Vision. "Wait! You're saying that a 14 year-old-boy saw God and His Son Jesus Christ?! That's incredible!" Our message is just so unique and wonderful I wish people would always see just how life-changing it is. Sigh.) But Sunhana's great. After we talked about it and explained it, he really liked the story and then added that the fact that Laban was drunk when he was killed is a pretty good reason to keep the Word of Wisdom! So true! Man, we've really had some amazing lessons with him. And they're all out in a little dirty patch by his house, sitting on rocks or plastic stools. His house looks more than a little bit abandoned, and he lives with a bunch of other men from Guinea so it's better to teach outside. But I love those lessons.

We've also been working a lot with Helder, Fernanda's son. He's even invited a couple of his friends over to study with us and has been teaching a couple times a week with us. I plan on seeing that boy serve a mission if it's the last thing I do. He's so funny too. Half the time he says something, I just look at him then look at Sister Gomes and we both say 'Huh?', because his Krioulu is crazy! Ha-ha. I love it. And it means I get my fill of pig parts for the week.

We also had a great lesson with Maisa and Andre about missionary work. One of their little neighbor friends was over at the house and as we were talking about how they could share things they learn in primary with their friends or invite others to church, their little neighbor Alecio piped up, 'Maisa! Invite me!' It was so cute. And so Maisa and Andre both hurried to invite him to church. I love that family.

It's also very sweet to hear Andre pray for his new little sister who was born last week with a little tumor on her neck. The mom and baby are still in the hospital and hopefully everything will turn out okay.

Hey, remember the man who gave me 30 escudos? Well, this week he gave me two crackers. (I'm not exactly sure it was the same guy, but it makes a better story if it is.) He just came over to us and put two crackers in my hand and I couldn't really think of anything to do but say thank you. I couldn't exactly put those in my journal though, so I just showed them to Sister Lords and then threw them away. (No, I didn't eat them.)

Well, I hope you're all well. Sister Gomes and I got our birthday cards this week! Thank you! (Sister Gomes was really excited too.) I think my favorite part was the back: "Curse you Perry the Platypus! And you too Birthday Person!' Oh man. I'm so immature.

I love you all! Tchau!

Sister Brooks

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