Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey Family!!

Just for the record, this is my third time using the internet. First time, it closed for lunch, second time the lights went out. So, hopefully I'll actually be able to get this sent this time.

Patrick was baptized! Yay. He was super excited. He was baptized with six others--all different ages. A mother and her son, a member's boyfriend :), an older man, a member's brother and...someone else. Not sure. But it was pretty cool. The branch is basically made up of young single adults, but it's nice to see the other people who are being prepared.

On Sunday, after confirmations and the passing of the sacrament, we had a whole ten minutes for the speakers. And we ended on time. That's my kind of Sacrament Meeting. :)

On Saturday, before the baptism, we did splits for a few hours. Saturdays are pretty busy since we have correlation meeting, baptism, integration night, etc. so we decided to go on divisions. I was with Sister Vicente. :) It was super fun and there's nothing better than a companion who teaches like a missionary, acts like a member and knows the whole community like a Caboverdian. I'm going to miss Samila when she leaves for the MTC (which should be this month), but I plan on visiting her (sneakily) at the temple on Sundays.

Also, one more piece of candy and her nephew Rafael is bound to like me. He's super cute and he enjoys dipping his water bottle into the water barrels that they have outside their house for the cows to drink out of....

Building an immunity system of steel.

The week was really good, but it must not have been super eventful. I remember eating coconut bread and cake at District Meeting, having recent convert Valdir ask me if I pluck my eyebrows and running away from a drunken brawl in the street.

That's a good story. We rounded the corner and just turned right around. A couple upset drunk guys were yelling about something unimportant and I'm pretty sure between the bottles smashed on the cobblestone and the stoning going on, one of the guys got his slippers stolen. I don't think anything happened at all, but everyone came out to watch.

One of my favorite members Lu taught us how to make breaded fish this week. I got to pound the garlic.

I'm going to send this now just in case the electricity goes out again.

Love you all lots and lots!

Fica fixe!

-Sister Brooks

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