Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lifelong Wish!

Hey Family!

Conference was awesome, but unfortunately because of normal Cabo Verdian technical issues and eventual internet failure we weren't able to see all the sessions and I only watched parts of some in English.

(No, my Portuguese is not perfect and yes, it does take a lot more brain power to focus when you can hear your native language in the background and have a deep dubbed voice with a Brazilian accent playing over it.)

But, the parts that we were able to watch were awesome. Sister Laimana and I even snuck in for the Priesthood session Sunday morning. (We had an investigator come who came to prove to me that he didn't drink the night before and was able to wake up early that morning--I've become slightly...straight forward, we'll say, in my old age. If I see a member drinking, he's going to hear something from us. And our wall of earrings is getting bigger by the day.)

I loved Conference. Mom mentioned the 'active in the church but not in the gospel' and that's sort of Fogo in a nutshell. The sacrament room doesn't have enough chairs for all the members, but...the number who are partaking of the sacrament is very few.

I also appreciated Bishop Edgely (?) speaking about less actives (in Priesthood session?). There have been so many inactives who we've taught and given them up as a lost cause, thinking that they might as well stay where they're at and it won't hurt anyone. But then I realized that if they stay where they're at, their kids and grandkids and great’ grandkids will also stay there and none will enjoy the blessings that God has for them. Oh! We have so much work to do in all parts of the world.

I also about died of sadness hearing the words that Elder Bednar spoke of his father, asking why we, who claim to pertain to the only Church with the power of God, do not fulfill our duty more willingly and fully than those of other faiths. Why don't we? When are we going to start? That was something I definitely needed to hear and wish that every young man in our branch had been in attendance to hear it as well. Thank you to all the worthy priesthood holders in my life!

On Friday, we got to spend some time with Augusto who both Sister Laimana and I taught in Praia. He's originally from Fogo and came for a visit and walked with us, introducing us to some old friends. Granted, most of his friends are very old or drunks...but it was still fun. We met one family who had so many animals! They had dozens of little chickies on the roof and I caught one! Fulfilled one of my lifelong wishes.

Anyway, it's getting hotter. Just want to remind you all that...'m in AFRICA. And loving it.

Love you all!
-Sister Brooks

Sorry, no pictures today, but I do have lots of pictures of someone's pet monkey.

Hey, someone tell SAMANTHA PEAVLER that I received a spiritual prompting that she owes me a giant news flash. That's all.

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