Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eliandro Watch

Hello Family.  I'm writing on a computer that looks like it might actually have been made in America.  And I don't have to use all my strength to punch in the keys on the keyboard. :)

This week was fun.  We woke up on Tuesday, excited for our flight to Praia...and then it got cancelled.  Which meant that we had plenty of time to eat a giant bowl of 'doce de papaia verde' at Ineida's house.  We both almost died.  I can't even really explain to you what it was.  Basically just sugared, cooked, green papaia that was warm and floating in its own juices.  Yum...not. 

Anyway, so our flight got postponed until Wednesday, so we filled our unplanned Tuesday with contacting and comforting Lu after her trip to the dentist (I feel like it will be similar to how my trip to the dentist will be--I'm so terrified).  We're teaching Clecy's mom who's really cool.  She's had to work overtime because of the festas, but I think she'll progress--she has some great examples.

Also, Elvis' little friend Jelson is super cute and smart.  He came to church all by himself (and looks like he'll be our last baptism of the mission).  Jelson's uncle is most likely the head of the gang in this area.  We taught him a couple months ago.  He says really good prayers, but he never came to church.  And this week he's been resting a bit because he got two knife wounds from the rival gang.  Oh, I love this country. 

Yeah, so Wednesday we woke up, again excited for our flight to Praia, waited at the airport for about two hours and then found out that it wouldn't leave until much later and since we'd already missed most of the conference, it was decided that it was better if we just stayed.  So we went out to eat as a zone and then back to work.  We moped a bit about not meeting the general authority, but the stake still got made, so that's what's awesome.

Wednesday we took a lot of pictures with people (since we were so nicely dressed for the conference) and we were able to find a couple people (literally) to teach.  The whole week was a pretty hard teaching week.  Everyone was getting ready for the festas, and they've also been having their annual horseracing events.  Which means the only people in our area were...us.  And the Elders.  Which explains why Friday, during one of the races, we spent some time playing with a man's baby monkey.  It's so cute.  And it bit me...probably going to get some sort of monkey disease, but it was just a little bite. :)

Oh, and guess what!  Eliandro is finally baptized!!!  Hurrah.  We were able to talk to his mom on Monday and she signed the ficha.  Yay.  Then we started setting up an 'Eliandro Watch', employing all the young men in the area to keep their eyes open for him since he just sort of walks around all day, hanging out here and there and whenever we need to find him, we never can.  Also, he doesn't own a watch or a phone, so it's impossible for him to be on time for anything.  After spending the whole week telling people to tie themselves to him so that he'd get to his baptism on time, the young men decided they'd make us a little more nervous.  We discovered that all of them had decided to tell us that Eliandro wasn't going to get baptized and that there was no way he was going to make it to the church on Saturday.  It got all the way down to little Jelson--our 11-year-old investigator--but he's also the one who told us it was a joke.  They almost gave us a heart-attack.  But he's baptized and confirmed and awesome.  A really good kid.

I sang a solo in Sacrament Meeting....won't go into details.  I feel like I was forced into it (by Sister Laimana), but it was okay.  Most people were still sleeping because of the festas...so there weren't too many people there to hear me.

We had our last little kid activity.  This time about the Sabbath Day.  We had them play a little relay game--categorizing the things you can and can't do on Sunday.  They were really cute and every time a team won they'd just all start jumping up and down and yelling 'We won!' (E nos ki ganha!)  I love those kids.  Also, we could fill three bath tubs with the amount of popcorn we've served at these activities.

Sorry, I can't get pictures to work again...not like it really matters.  I love you all!  Sending this before the light goes out.

-Sister (Emma) Brooks

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