Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harry Potter and the Missionary of Cabo Verde

February 21, 2011

I hope everyone's doing well! This week went super fast--full of work and fun and the craziness of Cabo Verde!

Today we went for a LONG walk and saw some amazing views. And a giant cross and a statue of the Pope. We took a walk on the beach and on a really old dock that probably wasn't very safe to walk on. We also walked along the street where the foreign ambassadors live--that is nothing like the Cabo Verde we live in. Giant houses, cars--probably hot water. It was strange seeing the other extreme of living circumstances here.

Did you know that there are only 11 sisters serving here in Cabo Verde? That's not very many. We're getting two more from the states in a transfer or two though and President will probably be opening a new area, which is way exciting.

We taught an old woman this week who said she had died for three days but then had a vision and was told that her time wasn't up yet and she came back. Then she told us she was sure we'd find husbands here in Cape Verde and not want to return to the USA.

Oh, and she never learned to read because her parents didn't want her to be able to write letters to her boyfriends when she was older. Apparently that's quite common though.

Oh my goodness. We had possibly the funniest experience ever this week. We taught a woman the other day and scheduled a time to come back. But when we got there, her neighbor told us she was at her sister's house. So we went over to her sister's house and knocked on the door. Her sister answered and told us she wasn't there but at her own house. So...obviously, something wasn't exactly right. Sister Turnbow was sure she was there so asked if we could come in and talk with the sister. She said yes and we came in--no Rosilda (it's a one-room house). So we just taught her sister the first lesson instead. Forty-five minutes later we leave and Mane, the member with us, asked us if we saw Rosilda during the lesson. We said no, completely confused. WELL, apparently she was hiding under the bed the whole time! Ha-ha. Serves her right. :) We would have taught a longer lesson if we had known.

Our other great experience of the week: We taught wizards! A witch and a wizard, I guess. We walked by their house and the man started shouting at us in Creole. We sort of ignored him because he was wearing a bright green dress/robe and I didn't understand what he was saying. But Mane said he wanted us to come talk to him and his wife. So we started walking over to him. Sister Turnbow asked Mane if the man was Muslim, but Mane said no, he did magic. Huh? Apparently, they used to be rich, living in Portugal and France, doing magic. I don't really know what that means. They don't stop talking. BUT, they accepted baptism...we're trying to decide which lesson teaches 'thou shalt not practice witchcraft'.

For the record, I don't actually think they practice 'magic' anymore. But it's still funny.

Once again we walked all over our area, trying to get our investigators to church. Guess how many we found? NONE. But! When we finally got there, we found Isa and Zezito! (Who were married but then for some reason stopped coming to church the week before they were supposed to get baptized.) They haven't even had any lessons with us for weeks, but it was so great to see them (and my little Ugo) there. Hopefully we can help them start preparing for baptism again.

We've had some great lessons this week, especially with some of our recent converts. Sometimes I think I could spend all day learning from Mane and Nene. They are so great. Also, they help us a lot! Last week our district had 28 lessons with members. Sister Turnbow and I had 21. That's all thanks to Mane and Nene who are always willing to help us. They're amazing.

I love you all and hope you're well! Be good, go to church, read your scriptures!

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