Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Missionary

February 14, 2011

So usually I save the really funny, random stories for last, but this one can't wait! We've been persecuted! Ha-ha. Not really. But yesterday this kid came up and asked us for money (which happens about eight times a day), but, obviously, we're not allowed to give out money, so I told him we didn't have anything to give. (For the record, there are a lot of POOR people here and this kid was not--he just saw two white girls in skirts and wanted to squeeze a few escudos out of us.) Then Sister Turnbow asked him if he had any money for us--I'm pretty sure she was joking. :) She was. Anyway, so we kept walking along to our next lesson and all the sudden a rock hits me in the back of the leg--hard! It really hurt. So yes, he chucked a rock at us. And now I have a nice bruise on my calf. You'll be proud to know that I did not chase after him. Or throw the rock back.

Sister Turnbow and I go running every morning! It's great. I wish you all could be here. Every day we turn the corner and we have this incredible view of the ocean, the ships near the shore and the lighthouse! As much as I miss my mountains, that's one thing I didn't see during my morning runs in Utah.

Sister Turnbow really is the greatest. She's helped me so much! She absolutely loves Disneyland and there's a lot of whistling and singing going on in our apartment. Unfortunately, we have a serious conflict that will never be resolved: She likes potato pearls. I know, I know. I'm working on forgiveness.

But besides the fake, toxic potato thing, she's great. She even cleaned out my toe after I sliced it on a rusty piece of metal. Now that's a good companion.

We knocked one door this week and the man said he couldn't talk to us because he was sick. (He smelled weird, but didn't look sick.) We asked if we could come back later in the week. He said he'd be sick the entire week. We said next week; he said he'd be sick the month of February and all of this year. Sister Turnbow said we'd see him in 2012.

We had several service opportunities this week. We got to de-pod some beans during a lesson and we got to help wash clothes. I'm actually learning to use a washboard. But the second time we washed clothes, we washed some baby clothes. Most people can't afford diapers here. I washed my hands well afterwards.

We got permission to have a nice lunch date with Sister Laimana and Sister Smith for Valentine's Day. We took them to Sucupira. I got the bife de vaca. Oh man. It's so good. I took a picture of it. Some day, I will show you, or better yet, you all can just come here and we'll have Segunda make lunch for us all, Elder and her family. :)

Everyone calls us Elder.

But just so you know, my lunch came with steak(ish), beans, rice, potatoes, french fries and a fried egg on top--and an orange soda. Yes, I'm going to get fat, but I'm using my money with sabedoria.

We had three investigators come to church, which was good but about a fourth of those who 'promised' they would come. But we'll definitely be focusing on the father and son who came and also Maria (the sister of Nene and Maria--yeah, every one's named Maria). We have a lot of new investigators that we need to teach and help them progress. There are always plenty who are willing and happy to listen to us but not always ready to act and do their part. It's a little frustrating but always great to see when people know it's true and are ready to do whatever it takes to follow it.

Here are a few facts that should not be forgotten:

I'm in Cabo Verde--an island--serving a mission.
I'm teaching the gospel every day to these people--in Portuguese.
I'm a missionary.

Cool, right?

Well, fica fixe. I love you all, hope you're well and miss you lots!

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