Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Cat in the Bag

March 14, 2011

Bom dia!

It was another very quick week and transfers are upon us! Can you believe I've already had two whole transfers in Cabo Verde? It was a very anxious Saturday night for Sister Turnbow and me because neither of us really wanted to be transferred or have the other one leave! Well, miracles do happen! We get to stay another six weeks together! This is the first time Sister T's had a companion for more than one transfer so I'm going to be her favorite. :) But we really are excited. We had an amazing week and may or may not have set a record with lessons with members and had another miracle happen--six investigators at church! Our amazing Gila, our cute little family and another relative of the Brandaos. It was great too because we had District Conference and it was really, really good.

For District Conference I got to translate for Sister Adams in the Relief Society leadership training. It was only slightly terrifying. And by slightly, I mean extremely. But I cheated and mostly translated her talk before hand and then read it. But it was still scary.

But it was really awesome to see all the members on Sao Tiago together in our chapel. All the branches of Praia, Assomada and Tarrafal came! It was packed. And we got to hear the testimony of President Neves' son who just got back from his mission in Salt Lake City. We were all excited to meet him (and hear his English). Now, it's only a few months before the rest of the Neves finish their mission. :( What an amazing family.

We found this really sweet girl, Valdira that we started to teach. But the day of Carnival (Oh yeah! Carnival! I'll tell you about it in a second.) she wasn't at home for her appointment. We were a couple minutes early but I was a little disappointed and I told Sister Turnbow that we should just go--it wasn't like she was just going to magically appear at 5 o'clock. My words--falta da fe'! Well, luckily Sister Turnbow is more patient than I am so we hung around for a few minutes and, lo and behold, Valdira turns the corner--at what time? Five o'clock exactly. Sister Turnbow won't let me forget that one. :) And I was really happy that we got to teach her.

Carnival! It was beyond boring. We didn't go home early because we didn't need to. It was boring because NO ONE was home because they all went to Carnival (which is officially Satan's holiday) which wasn't in our area. So we didn't get to see much of the celebrations, which is probably good and the people who were home and not at Carnival are probably the most righteous people in Cabo Verde. :) The 9th was a holiday too--but I think people mostly just sleep off their drunkenness and then eat some weird food. I was highly disappointed that we didn't get invited for the holiday dinner which I heard from some other missionaries is disgusting.

I fell in the mud this week. It was a little bit embarrassing, but mostly just funny. I thought I could jump over the river (which is still flowing from the broken pipe) but instead I just slipped in the mud and fell on my...bum. (Can a missionary use that word?) But it was still a rather graceful fall and it was good fun. :)

Remember how I told you about the horrible yells of pigs dying? Well, Sister Turnbow got to experience it the other day. We were awoken at 5:30 in the morning by our neighbors making bacon--and this time we watched it from our balcony. I must confess, I couldn't watch. I made this horrible girlish gasp right as they raised the knife and ran back inside.

Zezito's baptism was great--he was baptized along with two others from our Ramo. It was a great day. It would've been really great to have Isa being baptized too, but she was there with Hugo. Zezito's a crazy guy--he's SO funny (he asked if we dyed a mechanic's outfit white for the baptism clothes) but he knew what he was doing and I know he's waited for this day for a long time.

But after that great night I saw one of the saddest things I've ever seen. As we were going to church on Sunday, we saw Zezito ahead of us--walking all alone because Isa didn't come to church with him. Not even to see his confirmation. I've never been sadder. We talked with her Sunday night and we just don't understand. She just doesn't seem to have the faith or the desire or something--we're not sure. Zezito looked so unhappy during our lesson. But we're not giving up hope. We'll still keep working with her and hopefully with Zezito's help, she'll understand how important this is soon.

Gila! Have I told you about Gila!? He's incredible. He came to the adult session (and part of the leadership training), stayed for the baptism and then came to all the general session of District Conference on Sunday! He was there longer than most of the members! He's such a cute little man--a fisherman--and his only problem right now is that his 'wife' doesn't want to get married! He's keeping all the other commandments and it was slightly heartbreaking hearing him pray for the Lord to be with his wife and help her change her mind. Man! They have four sons--the oldest is over 20 and she still doesn't want to get married! Argh!

The Brandaos got two little cute kitties. During our lesson on Sunday they both started playing in Sister Turnbow's bag. Which is probably the safest place to be because before that I saw Mane's niece get her hands on one of them and I don't think it was enjoying it too much.

Okay. I think that's about it. It was a great week. Something clicked inside me. I don't know what exactly but I'm afraid it means I'm not coming home. Sorry, family. You'll just have to come visit.

I still love you though! And I love this work!

Sister Brooks

Happy Saint Patrick's Day this week!

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