Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Church is still true

Hello Family,

Hello! Goodness! Once again I don't know where to start! But...

Happy Easter! We enjoyed our Easter. We had crepes, hid a paper-woven basket (twice--once for each of us) with a peep in it (Sister Turnbow got peeps in her birthday\Easter package) and then went to a little choir performance at the church that evening. I also got to play the piano again but was disappointed that we sang ZERO Easter hymns! But it's all right. We've been singing them in all our lessons.

I also saw my very first monkey. I don't know where it came from, but it was just hanging out in a tree with a bunch of little kids trying to reach it. Unfortunately I did not have my camera.

This week we had interviews with President and he gave us a few hints about transfers which kept us busy guessing all week. But I also got to have a good talk with him and he gave me some pointers about using the scriptures and asking questions during lessons. (He also had me do a nerve-wracking practice with him playing the investigator! But it turned out well.)

I don't have any pictures to send this week because I forgot to charge my batteries, but I've got some great ones! We went to the dock again to see the fish 'market'. And I asked one fisherman if I could hold one of his giant tunas and take a picture of it! It was about 6 or 7 kilos (of meat) I think. Maybe heavier. It was huge! We also saw a shark (a little one) and bought some tuna steaks from what must have been the world's largest tuna. It was giant! And it had already been portioned out quite a bit as well. Fish is still pretty gross here, too, but it's more fun to buy.

Speaking of fish, we were teaching a lesson and during the prayer, the woman's kids were making quite a bit of noise in the other room. So she stopped us and shouted out to them: 'Hey! Are you selling fish!?' Which probably isn't funny to you all, but when you have ladies walking by early in the morning with a bucket of fish on their heads yelling something really strange loudly in Creole, it's pretty funny. Anyway...

I made soft pretzels this week. They were delicious.

Hey, guess what! I had my six month birthday! That's crazy! How did that happen!? I'm getting a little worried that the next two six months are going to go just as fast.

This week we taught Va and Vitorina with the Adams. I don't know if I've told you about Va and Vitorina, but they're great. They have one crazy little boy (who was wearing a duck suit on Friday) who's super cute and have been living together for about two years. They're really receptive and Vitorina has come to church four weeks in a row. We've been talking a lot about marriage with them and so on Friday we brought the Adams and talked about The Family, A Proclamation to the World. They got to ask the Adams questions and this week they have to decide if they're getting married or not! I want to see their little family sealed in the temple one day so badly!

But as we were reading The Proclamation, we read the part where it says a mother's roll is to care for the children and a few days back, Vitorina was complaining a bit how Va said the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids is woman's work--so when we read that part, Va looks up at us and just grins! We both burst out laughing. But he really is a good guy and helps out at the house. I love them.

Okay! Now what you've all been waiting for!! TRANSFERS! Any guesses? Nope, you're all wrong. You'd never guess in a million years.

Am I staying or going? Staying.

Is Sister Turnbow staying or going? Staying.

Are we still companions? No. She's training a new Sister from Mozambique!

What am I doing? Well, I'm staying in the same house in the same area, but...I'm getting a new companion who you already know all about!! SISTER LAIMANA! Ha-ha. Reunited at last! But that's not all. We are officially Office Sisters. Yes, I'm serious.

President's putting us in the office to be secretaries. The Elders say that even though they're putting sisters in the office, the Church is still true! Ha-ha.

During my interview President asked me how I would feel about working in an office setting and if I knew how to drive! Ha. I'm going to get to drive the yasse!! Oh goodness. I'm also going to learn how to drive stick--in Africa! Thank goodness missionaries have divine protection.

Anyway, so the details are a bit fuzzy, but we think we'll work in the office in the morning and proselyte the rest of the day, which is good. I think I'd go crazy if I was a full-time secretary. But it's exciting. The good news is that I'm still serving the Lord and the people here in Cabo Verde! And I get to be companions with Sister Laimana again! And we'll all be in the same house. It's actually going to be a bit crazy. But I'll let you know how it goes. I think my new P-day will be Friday, so I might be talking to you soon!

Okay, well, that's about it. It's been a pretty crazy week. But the mission is great! I love you all! Be safe, be well and choose the right!

Love, Sister Brooks

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