Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Office

Hello, Family!

Okay. Who's going to send me a bobble-head to put on my desk?

Well, my P-Day has officially changed to Sexta-feira! Sister Laimana and I have had three full days in the office and are starting to get an idea of the life of a secretary. It involves:


Excel spreadsheets,

Visas, Passports, and

Lots of Plane tickets!

We're in a trio with Elder Barker. :) He's training us as general secretaries and then he'll probably be able to get out of the office (after about seven months). We haven't quite decided how we feel about being secretaries. I don't know if it's really official yet. We don't have a phone, keys to the office and no one's really told us our schedule. I think Presidente just had extra sisters so he stuck us in the office. But we enjoy it. We've spent a lot of time in TACV (the Cape Verdian airline office) - and I mean a LOT of time. And we get to make the Welcome Letters for new missionaries. (Remember how cool it was when I got that six months ago?) There's always a lot to do. I got to make my first call to find out about plane tickets - not something I love doing in English - and I have a feeling we're going to be learning a lot of new vocabulary this transfer.

I guess the worst part for me (besides the disorganization of some drawers and slow computers) is that we've only spent about a total of two hours a day working in our area. We're in my same area, but Sister Turnbow and Sister Banze have stolen all my investigators and Sister Laimana and I are venturing into Terra Branca and the mountain top of Bela Vista. There are so many houses that I've never even seen before! It's a little bit discouraging, but also exciting, starting from scratch. It's also amazing that Sister Laimana and I (who left the MTC four months ago, not even knowing what Cape Verde had in store for us) are out knocking on doors and teaching families about the gospel -- all by ourselves! We're all grown up.

My heart is a little bit sad that the people I've been working with for three months are so close, but I don't really get to teach them. But we're still in the same Ramo, so I'll get to see them on Sundays! We now have eleven missionaries in one branch. It's slightly ridiculous, but with our new branch presidency and lots of missionaries, there's going to be a new emphasis on mission work. Next month we'll be doing some training for branch and district missionaries. It's exciting. It's a really great time to be part of the work here in Cape Verde (not that I think there would be a bad time).

Four sisters in one house is kind of a nightmare. And the past two nights we've had five! I've been sleeping on the floor, but the 'couch' cushions are still more comfortable than my mattress. :)

We got to see President and Sister Neves' new baby! He's adorable! He's a little chubby guy with tons of hair. I feel like its extra exciting to see babies here because I'm missing out on little Lucas and Marty (and I hear Savannah's getting big!).

Elder Barker showed us the entry for the Church in the phone book. It has our number next to Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias. Right above it however, is another entry: Igreja de Elders. That has the number of the chapel in Fogo. Oh goodness!

I love you all! I hope you're well and happy and choosing the right!


Sister Secretaria Brooks

PS We are now listed as Senior Office Sisters. I guess the Cabo Verde Mission didn't have a designation for regular sister secretaries. :)

PPS Tcheio is actually spelled TXEU (lots) in Kriolu. I'm learning so much as a secretary. But I've yet to learn to drive stick. That'll be next week. :)

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