Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hello Family!

Well, P-Day has arrived once again (officially Fridays) and life as an office sister continues to unfold. I think we've about learned everything from our trainer, Elder Barker, but we hope he never has to leave! We're still afraid to handle things on our own. Plus, Elder Barker is hilarious.

I enjoy it, as long as I don't think about how much I miss proselyting all day. But it's good to learn new things and there´s a lot of things we can do to help in the office.

Our one investigator (the only one) is doing great! I don't know if I've told you about Titinho, but he's 17 and he's very smart. He always remembers everything we talk about. He´ll be baptized in a few weeks and he's doing really well. He's pretty much already living the gospel, we just need to make it official! But he's a very good boy. We think he's a little bit embarrassed meeting with us, but he still lets us come. :) And the other day in his prayer, he blessed the Sisters and their families! It was so sweet.

Our other lessons don't go quite as well. :) Sister Laimana and I taught a man named Dino the other day who spoke very heavy Kriolu and he was very hard to understand. There was also a lady gutting a bunch of fish behind us and then another woman started to chop a chicken up with a machete! Oh, the life of Cape Verde missionary.

Funny story: When we found Dino and his fish-gutting friend, I whispered to Sister Laimana that we should ask the lady if we could help her gut fish (I was joking - we just try to keep our eyes open for service opportunities) but, being the wonderful person she is, Sister Laimana actually offered her our help! I was very disappointed that she said no. :)

You'll never guess what we did last P-Day! We discovered the only bowling alley in Cabo Verde!! Or should I say, the only BOOLING alley, because that's what it's called. The lanes were kind of short and we had to keep track of our scores, but otherwise it was a completely legitimate bowling alley! I don't know anyone here who really has the money to go bowling with their family (we were the only ones there) or anyone who even knows what bowling is! I'm not going to tell you my score. But it was BAD. Ha-ha. It's because I left my bowling shoes in the USA. :)

We celebrated Elder Adam's birthday today! It was awesome. The Adams have helped me so much! It's fun working in the office with them.

We've entered a bit of a mango craze. I've never been a fan of mangos, but I love them here! And there are people on every street selling them, so you can always find them.

We're teaching a woman from Angola. It's a LOT different than teaching someone from Cabo Verde. Luclecea actually speaks Portuguese! She knows the Bible really well and she talks a lot. She doesn't know how long she'll be here, though, since she's just visiting her daughter. But I really enjoy our lessons with her.

Well, I think that's about it. The office is pretty exciting...just kidding, it is pretty exciting. We made a price list of all the LDS store items we order! (And then we made teeth for our stapler.) And there's always something that makes us wonder what in the world we're going to do when Elder Barker leaves! But I still love this work.

Ate logo! Love,
Sister Brooks

Happy Birthday, Lisa! (Next Thursday)

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