Monday, July 11, 2011

New Mission President

President Oliveira did arrive! It was a pretty crazy week with a whole lot of bitter-sweet change. It was hard to see President and Sister Neves leave, but it was really good to welcome President and Sister Oliveira. Change like this is always hard for me, but President Oliveira spoke a little about it in Zone Conference. Because mission presidents (and other leaders) are called of God, God always calls the man needed for the job at that time. So if President Oliveira makes changes, it's not because he thinks he's going to be better than President Neves, it's just what God wants right now. President Neves did all that God asked of him during his time and now President Oliveira will do what's right for Cape Verde right now. You can tell things are going to be changing and growing a lot! Being in the office we get some of the inside scoop, but President Oliveira says there's going to be a STAKE on EVERY island. We don't even have one stake yet--and he doesn't mean every island with missionaries on it, he means EVERY island. I know a lot of work and faith will be required on our part, but I'm very excited. I hope I can rise to the challenge.

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