Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Run with Scissors...or Knives

Hey Family. How's it going?

So this week was cool. Florindo and Betinho got baptized. Florindo's been ready for about...forever to be baptized, but he wanted to wait for his brother to get home from his mission. And he got home on Wednesday! So Florindo got baptized on Saturday. And Betinho wanted to get baptized on the same day and he turned eight in December (his mom's a member) so it worked out great. I love them both. Betinho's tiny for an eight year old, and he's so cute! Goodness. Somehow his suit was even tinier than him and it looked really funny, but not as funny as Florindo--they didn't have two kid suits so he had to be baptized in his brother's white shirt and pants. Haha. They were enormous on him. Oh man, I really like those kids. Anyway, so it was a really good day on Saturday and the water was freezing and neither Florindo nor Betinho wanted to be the first one into the font.

It was really fun to see Florindo's brother baptize them (he's Betinho's uncle as well) since we don't get to see that all that much. It's really awesome to have a priesthood holder in the family who can perform the ordinances for his family. And it's great for the branch, too. He hasn't been home a week and he's already got a calling in the Elders Quorum presidency. Oh man. And it just makes it even better that it's Cisa's son. She was SO happy to have him home. Every time we went over there she told us how happy she was.

She also asked us if we thought her son is 'bonito.'

As a missionary, I could not answer.

Speaking of Cisa and the family, we were over there one night after Florindo's lesson and everyone was still pretty excited about the son's homecoming. The kids were looking through the souvenirs he brought from Mozambique and everything. Well, Joao must have gotten bored of that and got his hands on a couple of kitchen knives...and then preceded to running wildly around the house. Goodness. I love that kid. He's absolutely out of control, but he has learned that he can sort of hide behind me when his parents are upset with him. Not that I want to be dragged into it, but Joao's always going to the Sisters for help.

It was Bryan's birthday!! Oh he's so adorable. They invited us over for cake and some other snacks and they were blasting some music that I wouldn't have chosen for a two-year-old's birthday party. But he's so cute. I'm pretty sure he didn't realize it was his birthday, but he seemed to be having a good time.

We started teaching a man named Rolando this week. He's kind of amazing. We've taught him twice--just twice--and that's how many times he's been to church. Thank you Lucas. A referral from Lucas is about the best thing a missionary can have. We have some really great recent converts in the branch And now they're all worthy priesthood holders with callings! Woohoo. It's exactly what the branch needs. Oh, but Rolando. I don't know. He came to church with Lucas and then we taught him and he said he was going to keep going to church. And when we invited him to be baptized he answered with such a positive, confident yes (Sim.) that I almost didn't know what to say. Man. It was one of the lessons in which I've felt the Spirit the strongest. And it's funny, because after I had taught my part I was thinking that I'd taught so terribly and hadn't explained clearly at all, but it still worked out great. It's probably because of Sister Dee...

Whom everyone seems to want to know about. Well, she's from Layton. She's pretty awesome. I'm serious. I was completely without confidence my first few transfers, but she does not have a problem. She's teaches her part of the lesson and she teaches well. The language will come quickly for her since she's not afraid to talk.

Basically, we're extremely different. But we both like popcorn. So that's good common ground.

But President did tell me that she is bright and cheerful (very true) and then he said...like you, Sister Brooks! Oh, President. You haven't spent nearly enough time around me. Actually, Elder Mendes says we balance each other out. Because I'm very quiet, boring and...descontra (relaxed-ish) and she's...not. Haha. Oh man. The mission is great.

Yuppers, that's about it. Sorry, I was unsuccessful with pictures. The computer is just too slow. Which is kind of a shame, but you'll see the baptism and birthday party next week. Oh, and we saw the 'Ancient Port' in Santa Maria. Apparently it's been around since 1600. Cool. It now serves as a nice landmark for the tourists to look at while they sunbathe on the beach. Whoopee.

Okay, love you lots. Until next week.

-Sister Emma Jean Dot Brooks

I Forgot!!

You'll never guess who's Elder Mendes' new mini missionary companion! Nene!! From Praia. I was at his baptism almost a year ago!!

I realize it means less to you, but it's awesome. He and Mane both got their mission calls to Mozambique and they go in on the same day!! I was super surprised and excited when I saw him. Okay, that's all.

-Sister Brooks

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