Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It can't be cold, it's Africa!

That's what I say every single day while I'm freezing in the wind!! Goodness! It's been so cold. And I'm too 'dju' (cheap) to actually go out and buy a jacket--plus, I've just been so sure that any day now it's going to be extremely hot again.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing super well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, tomorrow, DAD!! Hopefully my card gets to you eventually.

Let's see...we went to Mindelo this week for a training. (They called us Wednesday morning, told us we had a flight Wednesday afternoon--goodbye to all of our appointments Wednesday and Thursday. We even missed an appointment with Rolando. And guess what! We haven't seen him since we left! He didn't come to church and we haven't been able to find him at home.)

But the training itself was pretty awesome. We watched 17 Miracles. Did you guys see that? The one about the Willie Martin Handcart Company. I realize I haven't seen a real movie in 15 months, but I thought it was great. I realized just how weird I've become. Every one of us was so absorbed in it. Haha. Anyway, sorry, but I guess I still like movies. (I'm on a mission, I'm not dead!)

Um...yes, the training was very good. At least a good reminder of the fact that I'll need another thousand missions to become the missionary I want to be.

Mindelo was freezing. It was so very windy. And we had to wake up at 4:30 because they told us to be at the airport at 5. Well, turns out the airport doesn't open (I know, right) until six. So we sat on the ground and shivered for an hour. Haha. Like I said, it can't be cold, it's Africa.

I tried my first sugar cane this week. It's good. Because it's sugar.

We, as always, passed by Soraia's throughout the week and Emily showed us her new skirt--actually she had just found an old piece of a denim pant leg and she's so skinny she had both her legs in it and was shuffling around like that. (I'm not sure if you can really picture it, but it was funny. I wish I'd gotten it on camera.)

Anyway, it was kind of a weird week since we spent so much time in Mindelo, but next week should be good. If we find Rolando, it would be even better.

Today we hiked up to this view point and we could literally, almost see the whole island. Sal is so small!!

Love you all,
Sister Brooks

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