Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

Hey Family!

The week was strange and it flew by. We went to Sao Vicente on Monday and came back Tuesday. Unfortunately, President wasn't able to get a flight at all so our training was cancelled.

I say unfortunately, but we still managed to have a good time. Sister Vicente showed me around the city and we basically got to spend the day sight-seeing. Mindelo is pretty awesome. We had a mini training with the Zone leaders (and I did get your package, Mom!) and it was a good day.

Sorry, not too informative. We also ate crepes. And did a bit of souvenir shopping. Yay.

We were reviewing the Plan of Salvation with Florindo (I hope you're seeing by now how much I love teaching in this house) and we asked him if he remembered the story of Adam and Eve. He said yes and told us:

'They were in the Garden and were really small. Then they ate the apple and got big.'

I a way....I had to sit there quietly for a moment, because all I could think of was Alice and Wonderland and I had to compose myself before speaking. Man. I love Florindo and his family.

We (okay, I) have gone a bit Christmas crazy. We bought a little tree from the Chinese store and some decorations and we also made ourselves a cardboard fireplace with stockings. Oh, and today we attempted some cookie gingerbread houses...maybe with a lot of frosting and candy they'll look okay.

We tried out a restaurant that the Elders told us about. Apparently every day they sell the plate of the day (to missionaries) for 200 escudos. Well, the day we went happened to be fish with broth. They brought me half of a fat fish (the head half, clearly) and some broth, something else, and a cooked (stewed) banana, pineapple, potato and mandioca pieces. It wasn't bad. But we'll just have to choose our day more wisely next time.

Livi! I can't believe you broke your arm! I'm glad you didn't have to take Skele-Gro to get all your bones back like Harry did!

Well, I guess that's about it. Sal continues to be awesome, as does Sister Vicente. The branch is insane, but the best ones always are.

Oh, and it is cold! (Or I've just been in Africa too long.)

Sister Brooks

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