Thursday, December 1, 2011

Txeu Kuza di Bom

Hello Family! Well, I guess I better start where I left off last week. On Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Sister Walker. Bela (our neighbor who brings us bread and is in the Relief Society presidency--Bryan's grandma) came with us to the airport and then escorted me back. I was then baby-sat for a couple hours at their house. I was fed cachupa, rice and my own little fishie. I tried to keep myself busy, but mostly I just felt awkward. Then some young women came over to keep me company. (I felt slightly like a was being comforted after losing a dear loved one--everyone got very attached to Sister Walker.) Luckily, however, the assistants called and my companion had made it to Praia and got to Sal just an hour later. Bela took me back to the airport and then we went home and out to work!

We had a great week. Djenny (our 19-year-old Primary President) was only slightly disappointed she didn't get to be a Sister for a couple days, but she helped us out a lot, teaching with us and giving us references. We were able to find some great new people this week.

Sister Vicente is amazing. I've been a member for over 16 years, attending church for another 8 years and been to seminary, institute, religion classes and two months in the MTC. She was baptized about four years ago in Fogo (by our branch president here in Sal--awesome) and she is a WAY better missionary than I am. Everyone loves her, which is good since otherwise they'd still be whining about President taking away Sister Walker. Haha.

Bryan got super confused when he saw us the other day--he came running over to give us hugs and saw that Sister Vicente was not Sister Walker and not white and he got really confused and then shy and wouldn't come out from behind his mom. Ha. But he's already used to us again and just as cute as ever.

(What? You're all talking about Lucas and the rest of the kiddos. I have to have someone to make me feel a little bit better.)

After cachupa at Bela's, the next best food event was...Thanksgiving!! You all thought you could make me jealous, but you were wrong (mostly)! Turns out I can make a pretty great Thanksgiving lunch here in Africa--even in Sal.

I made turkey (okay, it was chicken), real mashed potatoes, stuffing (all by myself!), corn, gravy and lemon tarts (lemon bars in muffin-cups). It was all very successful. I feel that I have a right to be proud of myself. I hadn't really explained to Sister Vicente what Thanksgiving was so when I started whipping out everything that I had made she was a bit surprised...'Do you eat a lot on Thanksgiving?' Yes, yes we do.

Luckily it wasn't until the next day that Cisa sat me down after our lesson and made me eat a giant plate guessed it...cachupa. She gave Sister Vicente juice but said I couldn't have any because it was made with regular water....

Then we repeated the experience on Sunday. (Cisa seems to think we're too skinny.) She'd made soup. It was really good, but I snuck out my very long, stringy piece of...something...and gave it to the cat.

Let's see...what else has been happening? I got to teach my first English Class--it went over a lot better than I anticipated. I also taught piano lessons. Much harder than I had anticipated. But the ward mission leader is determined to be the ward pianist by the time the chapel is built. It's a good thing it's going to take a while.

Also, we've been making frequent visits to Artur's home to teach both him, his brother Eduardo and their relative (don't know how she's related). Their house is nuts! I don't know how so many fit in it but there are always dozens of people over. And tons of little girls! They attack us every time we come over. (Disclaimer: it's honestly not my fault the rules about children are so often broken by me. They're just so cute!) The littlest, Emily is crazy and just a tiny little stick of a thing. Her hair's usually in a ton of skinny braids but we came over one day and she just had tiny little puffs of hair sticking out around a little bunny tail. She was refusing to get her hair braided--don't blame her. It's painful. Anyway, luckily they love Sister Vicente, so I have a bit of relief but we've both had little girls wrapped around our legs all week.

It's sort of unfair that I keep getting sent to branches I love. I loved Praia 1 and I was so sad to leave it, but then I loved Praia 2 and even sadder to leave them both behind when I went to Sal! And now I love this branch. Goodness. It helps that the members seriously love the missionaries (and sisters). We walked by the door to the Primary room and all of the kids started yelling 'Sister' and waving and Valdir came and smashed his noise against the glass door. Oh man. I like it.

Amy's cookies were so popular last week that I've already had another request put in for them tonight at Family Night. We're going to watch a little missionary-made documentary about the church in Cape Verde. Did I already tell you about it? 'Islands of Faith' I think it's called. You could probably find it if you wanted. Sister Vicente and I rolled another 10 dozen cookies this morning before heading to...

It was a great week. Hope everyone is well and...EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! I spent a few days last transfer making an advent calendar like our nativity one and I'm very excited to use it. Well, that's all. Have fun, be good and don't forget about me. :)

Sister Brooks

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